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Here at Sisapamba Rosas & Rosas, we are aware that the core of our success is focused on our social and environmental business components, this is why all our processes are done taking into considerations our staff and the environment, ensuring a healthy workplace, fair and safe, which allows us to satisfy our customers with a comprehensive high-quality product.


Flor Ecuador and Rainforest are certifications that guarantee the social welfare of all its employees and likewise the balance that must exist between the company’s own operations and the environment that surrounds it.

We are part of BASC Certification, which helps us to develop a fair, safe and legal trade, ensuring high quality products to all our customers.


For several years, we have maintained an agreement with the Centro de Desarrollo Infantil del Buen Vivir “Los Senderitos” (Child Development Center of Good Living) in the Granobles neighborhood. We provide them with monthly assistance which is used to benefit the children that come into the center. Diversity and inclusion have always been mainstays of Sisapamba, so, currently our list of collaborators is composed of 50% women and 50% men, and they come from various regions of the country. We maintain an open door policy within our organization. We care about social issues and work to eradicate all forms of violence especially towards the most vulnerable groups.

In addition, we provide constant awareness and prevention campaigns on issues of social and community interest.


We are proud to be recognized as an honest, responsible and serious company.  We are known for being in compliance with current local and national legislation and always being transparent both with internal and external dealings. All of this motivates us to strive every day to be better and to continue contributing to the development of this great country.